On-board Plasma Air SterilizerAS03


Product dimensions :122*86*72mm

Product weight :230g

Batteries :2400mAh

Charging duration :3 to 4 hours

Working duration :6 hours

Voice (dBA) :24 dB

range of action :<10i works best

key :Person key, ON/OFF

Indicators :1 * Indicator

Fittings :Instruction manual *1, T-C charging cable *1,
Non-slip rubber pad*1


Assembled according to the exclusively developed cryogenic plasma technology, the product is successfully miniaturized and economical (low price).
When the product is running, OH radicals with strong oxidizing power are produced, which can adhere to the surface of bacteria and viruses instantaneously, making it inactive.
It is produced by catalyzing reaction of water and oxygen, and is reduced to water and carbon dioxide after reaction. Therefore, there is no residue of medicament and the like, so it can be used at ease.
Our low temperature plasma technology, toxin germ disinfection removal rate up to 99.9%.
Controlled low-concentration ozone eliminates more than 93% of toilet and pet odors and tobacco odors.
It can remove chemicals (formaldehyde and benzene) that are difficult to remove by ordinary air filters.
Not all bacteria and odors work.

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